No more sneaking vegetables into dishes, bribing or begging your picky eater to finish their plate. Instead, use the power of their imagination to change the way they think about food with The Zoo in My Belly mealtime book, in three easy steps:

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How it works

Use the power of storytelling to create a happy ending at mealtime. Ages 3+

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Make mealtime fun by avoiding power struggles

Children sometimes use food as a negotiation tool to gain control. Instead, change the way they think about food by using the power of their imagination to create a more fun and positive experience that focuses mealtime on eating rather than them.

shadow full deeplink support Turn picky eaters into intelligent eaters.

Encourage variety & good nutritional habits

By teaching children how to select good food for their belly, they are able to make better decisions and start good nutrition habits from a young age. The Zoo in My Belly encourages kids to choose a variety of colors to put on their plate, making for a well-rounded balanced diet and willingness to try new things.

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Learn colors & letters too, through the book, or via the ebook app

While teaching your child how to be a better eater, you are also teaching them their colors, animals, food and words. The colorful images, animals and easy-to-read text make learning fun. The app's interactive features allow the children to move the animals and include games to catch their imagination in new ways.App coming soon!

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Free food charts

Simply register to receive a free printable food chart to keep track of the animals they feed each week and reward them for good eating habits.Available after the book launches, register below.

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